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Prototyping OMG for IPOMS Event on April 17: Getting in the Game

SEMS with Indonesian Production and Operation Management Society IPOMS are collaborating to conducting an event in 17 April 2013 as part of IPOMS Gathering Week. The one day event is named as Getting Into the Games, in which we are explaining about how serious games can help companies to gather and distribute knowledge by increasing their learning effectiveness.

For this event we will be delivering our new Serious Simulation Games, the Operations Management Game OMG.


Now, we are still fine tuning the game, which the manual of the game will be given to the the workshop participants, if they want to apply it in the organization.

SEMS invite you in this event, and you could send email to on how to register. Seats are limited and special discounts available for IPOMS member


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SEMS Support LKTI 2013

Systems Engineering, Modeling, and Simulation (SEMS) Lab, by tradition, would develop simulation challenge for LKTI (National Industrial Engineering Competition), organized by Industrial Engineering Students Organization, attended by the best Industrial Engineering Students all over Indonesia. This year the theme is “Delivering Fuel for the Nation through Optimization of Supply Chain Management”, conducted at March 3 to 7, 2013. SEMS develop a fuel distribution simulation game that is part of the 2nd stage of the competition.

Each participants groups must analyze and decide how to distribute the fuel to all over Indonesia, with so many constraint capacity in the distribution network, all over Indonesia archipelago. They must consider production cost, distribution routes and cost, inventory, backlog and import cost. There were 25 groups competing in the 2nd stage and the winner must have the lowest possible total cost.

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SEMS at System Dynamics Conference 2012 St.Gallens

Aziiz Sutrisno, our researcher, was attending the 2012 System Dynamics Conferen 2012, St. Gallen, Switzerland. The Conference was hosted by University of St.Gallen He presented poster presentation on SEMS research of Using simulation of Indonesian electricity dynamics for enhance learning environment.

He had an opportunity to meet with SD Gurus, which includes John Sterman, Peter Milling, Yaman Barlas, Kaoru Yamaguchi, Erling Moxnes and many more. They all conveys their warmest greetings to all SD Practitioners in Indonesia (below pictures).

Aziiz was excited to find that the conference itself is an eye-opening event. As a lot of new insights and ideas are being discussed starting from conceptualization in climate change problem, New paradigm in looking at stock and flow behavior, Proposed new economy approach to solve European sovereign debt problem, discrete system dynamics in reconfigurable manufacturing system and many more.

In the last day, conference committee arranged SD workshop sessions. These sessions became icing on top of the conference, as it enrich SD practitioners with wide range of new tools and conceptual approach to enhance the usage of system dynamics

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Simulation Gaming Class Finals

Simulation Gaming Design is a course managed by SEMS Lab to Introduce the concept of serious games design for students. The class attracted not just Industrial Engineering Students, it attracted students from electrical engineering also. As final class project, they must re-created games such as Beer Game, and two games developed by SEMS: the PPIC Game and Geneshoes. These games will be uploaded upto web-based and today they presents their projects in the lab.

You can find the links for their games here:


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SEMS Facilitate Stage 2 of LKTI 2012

LKTI the first and prominent National Industrial Engineering Competitions in Indonesia is current underway in Industrial Engineering Department. This year topics is Green Manufacturing, in which 25 teams from all over Indonesia, compete in 3 Stages of Competition, starting from the 1st stage of theoretical capability, 2nd stage of simulation analysis and the 3rd stage of case study analysis with real case study.

SEMS facilitates 5 teams to compete in our lab, playing a simulator of a manufacturing company that has challenge of trade off between growth and economic impacts. The simulator was develop by team of scientific committee which in majority consist of SEMS lab assistants. Good luck for all participants and good job for all committees.

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