SEMSonians Alumni 2016-2018

Master Degree

Reinaldo Giovanni. Most people call him Dodo. On May 2011, he became an alumni of Canisius College (High School). His favorite subjects in IE are Production Planning & Inventory Control, Organization & Psychology of Industry, and Quality System. His hobbies are travelling, writing, and playing badminton. He wants to work as a consultant in Accenture. Dodo is a diligent, adaptive, and optimist person. He has two dreams to become true, lives and works in Singapore or Canada.


Achmad Yusaq Faiz Fadin. Most of people call him Yusaq. On June 2011, he became an alumni of SMAN 1 Bekasi. So far his favorite subject is System Engineering, Quality Control and Assurance System, Production Planning and Inventory Control and also Production System. Yusaq always do care about things around him and always want to make things better. Three word best suites him is caring , hardworking and open-minded. After his study in IE UI , he plans to study abroad for Mater Degree (MBA) in Cornell University.


Batch of 2012

Muhammad Reza. Reza is an Industrial Engineering Universitas Indonesia student batch 2012 after graduated from 8 Senior High School Jakarta. Some words to describe him are eager, enthusiast, and optimist. His motto is “Work hard pray hard, let god do the rest, and be thankful”. Sports and outdoor activity are his hobbies. He is the head of Industrial Engineering Student Organization batch 2014. He has many experiences both in organization and project committee. As an Industrial Engineering student, his favorite subjects are Quality Systems, Economics, and Organization & Psychology of Industry. Reza is a noisy thinker and choleric-sanguine guy who believes a lot in “continuous improvement”. His dream is becoming the pioneer of Indonesia and giving his benefit as much as he can to the universe.

AyudAyudya Triastika. Ayu is currently in her 2nd year as an Industrial Engineering student. She was graduated from SMAN 3 Malang. Apart from her activity as a student, she is a Vice President of AIESEC Universitas Indonesia. She joined SEMS because she wants to give contribution to society by giving a solution for the existing problems which she can learn through her experiences in SEMS Laboratory. She is an optimist person who always try to look on the bright side of life.



Rachel Giovani Hasibuan. Rachel, or who used to be called Ache, is currently a 2nd year student at Industrial Engineering, Universitas Indonesia. In 2012, she graduated from SMA Santa Maria Pekanbaru. During her spare time, she likes to play music, singing, and reading books. Her favorite subjects so far are Quality Control and Assurance System, Cost Accounting, and Production Planning and Inventory Control. If she asked to describe herself, it would be talkative and confidence. She also plans to continue her study abroad to gain her knowledge about business management as she dreams on becoming an entrepreneur. Her favorite quote is the one that her father tells her for her entire life, “Continuous improvement is our life”.

Mohammad Rizky Nur Iman. Rizky is one of IEUI student batch 2012. He was born in Bandung and graduated from Pribadi Depok Senior High School. His interest in IEUI subjects are in engineering economy, operation research and quality system. His other interest are in playing football/futsal, entrepreneurship, and reading books. He is hard working and an optimist. His life motto is “live life to the fullest”.



Natasha Angelina. An industrial engineering student batch 2012 and graduated from Penabur Bintaro Jaya for both Junior and Senior High School.  She has deep passions in organization and art, especially dancing. She has many experiences in international and national dance competition; also she has been joining and involved in many organizations and committee since high school. Recently, she has just joined the cultural mission to Hungary and Bulgaria and won the IV World Championship of Folklore “World Folk 2014”. Her future goal is to work in multinational company and continuing to have master degree in US or Europe after two years. She is very cheerful, communicative, and easy-going person. She is also very responsible, fast learner, hard-worker, easy to adapt in new environment, and always try to do the best that she can.  Words that  can describe her are Cheerful, Passionate, Responsible, and Leadership.

.Gamma Rizkina Manaf. Student of Industrial Engineering batch of 2012.Among the wideness of his subject as Industrial Engineer,he has to decide the specific subject as his passion.Gamma has several experience regarding Lean Six Sigma Project ,he had run a project and received hard benefit for this project . Currently, Gamma has reached his 3rd year of his college life and he planned to join Black Belt Certification training in Germany after he graduated from University of Indonesia ,he will start continuing his career to become a Black Belt and gain loads of value for himself.Therefore, he is become one of System Engineering and Modelling Simulation Laboratory Assistant to raised up his knowledge and learn how to solve a problem systematically.Gamma also joined internal faculty organization such as IMTI and BEM FTUI in his 2nd year,besides his academic life he also love to traveling and play basketball since he was in junior high school.

ShilaMaya Hashilah. Shila is final year Industrial Engineering student, her thesis specialisation is Serious Simulation Game in Supply Chain Management. Besides SCM, she has strong interest in System Thinking, Marketing, and Economy. She pictures her self to be strategic marketing leader in multinational company. Therefore, she have been preparing her self by being CEO in StudentsxCEOs, a platform where students can boost-up knowledges then learn best practices directly from top business leaders in Indonesia; and have participated in numerous local and international competition focused on strategic marketing and sales, such as P&G CEO Academy 2014, Markplus WOW Apprentice 2015, and more.To balance her academic life, she has passion in modelling and have represented several reputable brands such as Pond’s and You C1000.

melliMellianna Fiannita Christiani Purba. Mellianna who prefers to be called Melly is currently on her third year as an Industrial Engineering student at University of Indonesia. She was graduated from SMA Sutomo 1 Medan. She always strives to give her best in every works she is involved in. She loves to watch movies and play games. She is also eager to finish all games she has started because she is a very curious person. Her favorite subjects in Industrial Engineering are Production System, System Engineering, and Decision System. She has a dream to continue her Master Degree in U.S. She also plans to work in a multinational company.



Monica Priscillia. She is an Industrial Engineering student at Universitas Indonesia batch 2012. She was graduated from SMA Negeri 61 Jakarta. She has some experiences in organization as a treasurer because she is interested in finance. She is a fast learner and well-organized person. She loves traveling—goes to new places and captures beautiful objects because she is also interested in photography. She joins SEMS because she wants to learn more, gain new exciting experiences, and improve her soft skills.