Wine Crate Production Game SSG

Wine Crate Production Games is not a board game, but a computerized simulation game, using ProModel (a discrete event simulation software) as the engine to simulate the factory of wine crate production. Crate from woods are usualy used to transport high price wine from the winery to wine store. Image of high quality are important in this wine business, therefore they avoid using reusable plastic kontainter used by other type of mass drinks.

The game requires the students to form a group of production planning and inventory control teams, which submits their decisions to administrators of the game. The administrators would input the decisions to the software and record the animations, and return the results to the team. Playing at usually over 4 week periods, with bi-weekly decision making intervals.

The game challenges the information selection and processing of the students for making decisions of production orders, understanding the relationships between feedbacks and decisions, and challenges their decision making patters (which they might not realize they had).