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Launching OMG and IPOMS Gathering 2013

The Operation Management Game (OMG!) was designed to help managers and leaders learn about various operations management aspects in a simulated production line. OMG is an example of Serious Simulation Games (SSG), which is games of real-world systems designed for the purpose of learning, research, and problem solving. In SSG, participants are immersed in a simulated learning environment that is risk free and challenging. This environment creates an ideal place to test decisions and learn from the feedbacks without costly disruptions of the real systems.

OMG! is one of many SSG products developed at our laboratory: Systems Engineering, Modeling and Simulation (SEMS Lab), Industrial Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia. We currently focus on building SSG that covers problems in supply chain management, industrial management, and technology policy. Some of these products are the kontainer game, financial management game, BIEOND Biodiesel Industry Policy Simulator, Franchise Management Game, Reverse Logistics Simulator and many other SSG. Almost all of our SSGs were developed using various computer simulation technology, as SEMS lab core competency.

During an IPOMS (Indonesian Production and Operations Management Society) Gathering, we launched the OMG by playing the game with all the participant gathering. The game was a success and wait for our book that will be published to explain about the game and how your organizations can easily develop and implement the game itself. SEMS has copyrighted the game and planned to just give the concept and design for the public to use it for free. Read the rest of this entry »

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SEMS Graduate Farewell 2013

Long overdue, each year we are conducting a graduate farewell party which new graduates are celebrated for their contribution to the lab. Many of our alumni are attending the event, and they are sharing their new professions and careers to the our current lab assistants. It is heartwarming to see all the familiar faces of our current and future lab alumni and also their friends. Thank you for a great event, and looking forward to the same event next year.


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SEMS Lab Gathering 2012

In same day after SEMS Lab held financial modeling workshop, on 31st March 2012, after we had 6 hours of expanding the insights about Financial Modeling, SEMS family then had dinner for gathering with all assistants, alumni, and the head of laboratory at Sate Khas Senayan Pakubuwono.

It started at about 7 PM. Not only dinner, we had our gathering time for sharing, like the alumni’s current work, campus life, lab condition, etc. More than 20 people attended this gathering.


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