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SEMS Support LKTI 2013

Systems Engineering, Modeling, and Simulation (SEMS) Lab, by tradition, would develop simulation challenge for LKTI (National Industrial Engineering Competition), organized by Industrial Engineering Students Organization, attended by the best Industrial Engineering Students all over Indonesia. This year the theme is “Delivering Fuel for the Nation through Optimization of Supply Chain Management”, conducted at March 3 to 7, 2013. SEMS develop a fuel distribution simulation game that is part of the 2nd stage of the competition.

Each participants groups must analyze and decide how to distribute the fuel to all over Indonesia, with so many constraint capacity in the distribution network, all over Indonesia archipelago. They must consider production cost, distribution routes and cost, inventory, backlog and import cost. There were 25 groups competing in the 2nd stage and the winner must have the lowest possible total cost.

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SEMS Facilitate Stage 2 of LKTI 2012

LKTI the first and prominent National Industrial Engineering Competitions in Indonesia is current underway in Industrial Engineering Department. This year topics is Green Manufacturing, in which 25 teams from all over Indonesia, compete in 3 Stages of Competition, starting from the 1st stage of theoretical capability, 2nd stage of simulation analysis and the 3rd stage of case study analysis with real case study.

SEMS facilitates 5 teams to compete in our lab, playing a simulator of a manufacturing company that has challenge of trade off between growth and economic impacts. The simulator was develop by team of scientific committee which in majority consist of SEMS lab assistants. Good luck for all participants and good job for all committees.

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IE National Competition (LKTI) 2011 Preparation

Lomba Keilmuan Teknik Industri (LKTI) – the 1st and the best National Industrial Engineering Competition in Indonesia, will be held its annual competition this year at Depok Campus on Monday, March 4 to March 6, 2011. All 25 invited teams will play a SME (Small Medium Enterprise) Case in the 2nd Stage of a total of 3 stages, developed under supervision of SEMS Lab. Last year, SEMS also provided the case simulation of disaster management case using agent based modeling software.

This year we will host 5 teams in the labs that is connected to 1 server, while other labs would be hosting other groups of 5 teams. Therefore, preparation for this event is underway. Since the lab is already have a simulation gaming area, it is relatively easy to relayout the lab to accommodate the event.

We wish all committees a successful event, break a leg …


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