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SEMS Day Out: Paintball!

An article by Bhagas & Ara

Academics? Yes. Researches? Of course, yes. Having fun? Extremely yes! That’s SEMS – in spite of its activities related to its functions as a laboratory, SEMS members will always find a great way, perhaps many ways, to meet excitement, freshen moods, while also strengthen the relationship between them all. Exceptional in the lab, but seriously, we can turn things real fun.

There are actually many informal events, from the small one to the extraordinary one, by SEMS members to have fun together. One of them is written here. This article will mainly spread you up about our latest day out – Paintball! On Saturday, 14th of May 2016, we set out from Depok to a paintball field in Cibubur. This event was attended by SEMS’ RAs and LAs of 2015-2016, one researcher, and three exchange students from French – although it was also open for the lecturers and alumni.

We’re divided into 3 matches with 2 teams in each match, red and blue team. The red team (rangga, gita, pierre, shilla, and randa) beats the blue team (adit, anggit, qualid, ayud, and sydney) in the first match. Randa went rouge and razed adit and anggit with bullets and they actually felt hurts from the paint bullets. In the end, it was shilla’s “hiding trick” that won it for the red team.

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