SEMS have 2 sides of research areas, one if focusing on the object of our research (research focus) and the other side is focusing on developing the skills and knowledge to model and simulate the object of our research.

1, Building Knowledge and Experience in the Application of Models to Support Problem Solving and Policy Making

We have chosen 4 focus areas of our research  Lean and Green Operations, Industrial Sustainabilty, Clean and Renewable and Ports, Logistics and Supply Chain. In addition to the 4 focus areas, we have Serious Simulation Gaming (SSG) Research area. SSG is an extention from each research areas as our effort to make sure that the knowledge that we gather from our research can be transferable to the public.

2. Developing Modeling, Simulation and Systems Engineering Capabilities to support our Research Focus

A good technical side would allow to avoid the trap: “when the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”. Model approach and methods must fit with what the problems needs.

When you develop  a model to solve problem or make policy decisions, you somehow has to understand the problem or policy itself. You must become an expert as quickly as possible with a system perspective.  Therefore, knowledge library is important to jump start this process.