SEMS Lab Assistants

We want to create a fluid organization structure, therefore we only have one title for all senior members, Researchers. Researchers are Faculty Members who are responsible on maintaining a healthy research and academic atmosphere in the lab. For our students that want to get involved in the lab, we called them laboratory assistants. Lab Assistants (LA) responsible for maintain the lab facilities, website and books collections. LA can consists of 2nd or 3rd year students. Final year students that accepted our call for research proposal in the area of SEMS, is called Research Assistants (RA). All LAs have the priority of becoming one of our RAs. Research assistants must conduct the research inside our laboratory, and regularly have a discussion with all the researchers.



Batch of 2014

Rangga Mahesa PutraRanRanggagga is an industrial engineering student at University of Indonesia, batch of 2014. He was born and raised in Pontianak, West Kalimantan and graduated from SMA Negeri 1 Pontianak. He has a high interest in music, so apart of his academic life, he is also an activist in PSM UI Paragita. He expects a limitless development through discussions and researches in SEMS Laboratory, fulfilling his curiosity in system thinking and modelling. His favorite subjects are Cost Accounting, Engineering Economy, Operation Research, and Human Factors. His motto is “be better or be different”. He is looking forward to be a successful entrepreneur, owning his own brand but also has a good career in music.



Girindra Chaska Wardana Nimpuno. He is a graduate of SMA Negeri 8 Jakarta and is now studying Industrial Engineering at Universitas Indonesia. He is active in the UI Model United Nations Club, and has participated or chaired in several national conferences. Chaska is a huge basketball, baseball, and football fan, which is why he chose to work part time at In his spare time, he enjoys watching movies or grabbing coffee with his friends. He thrives to run his own media network with his friends one day to share all they can with the world. The words he lives by are “Hard work beats talent, when talent fails to work hard.” -Kevin Durant. He has no idea why those words were put in this bio anyway, but he thought it just looks cool.

FennyFenny Desriani. Fenny is an Industrial Engineering student at University of Indonesia from batch 2014. She was graduated from SMAN 2 Bengkulu. As an Industrial Engineering student, her favorite subjects so far are operation research, cost accounting, and PPIC. Her hobby is travelling and she loves salty and spicy foods. She is interested in the social, economic, and cultural issue. She has many experiences in organizations. Currently, she is active as member of MPM FTUI 2016. Her friend said she is a wise and unstoppable person. For the future, she plan to build her own company.



WiwantoWiwanto. Most people call him only Wi or Wiw. He graduated from SMAS Methodist-3 Medan in 2014. He is currently in his 2nd year as an Industrial Engineering in UI. So far his favorite subject is Operation Research and Physics. He is also interested in learning about System Thinking, Business Management, and Quality System. His hobbies are sports like indoor soccer, basketball, table tennis, and swimming. He also likes to play e-sports game. He has dreams to become true, they are become CEO in multinational company and lives in U.S. or U.K. People known him as calm and confident person in his daily life.




Agata Ayu Gita. Usually called Gita, an Industrial Engineering student University of Indonesia batch 2014. She graduated from Abdi Siswa Senior High School Jakarta. She is studious that also a quite quick-learner whenever finds out something challenging and new. She is known as a high-achiever in both academic and extracurricular activity. For her, academic achievement is a must as her responsibility for her parents – therefore she sets the target high even in Olympiad competition. She’s confident, sociable, and communicative that she won Jakarta English Speech and was finalist at Abang None Buku. She is artsy and loves singing, acting, also drawing. She passionately contributes in many theatrical and music performance, recently Wayang Orang and Karawitan Jawa. She likes to learn about Operation Research, Engineering Economic, and Statistic & Probability. She is currently human resources manager in Student Consulting Club. Besides, she dedicated herself in several social and religion activities.


ReginaRegina Dhamayanti. Regina is an undergraduate UI student batch 2014 majoring in Industrial Engineering. She is an alumna of SMAN 1 Kota Tangerang. So far, Engineering Economics and Production Planning & Inventory Control have been the most attractive courses of her. Despite the engineering major she takes, Regina is highly interested in human rights issue, justice, and economics as well. She is currently one of the active member of English Debating Society UI (EDS UI). Being a consultant is one of her big goals, and in her journey to that, she becomes a member of Student Consulting Club UI (SCC UI). Regina can be considered as an open-minded, responsible, and cheerful person.