SEMS Lab Fellows and RA

Researchers are Faculty Members who are responsible for maintaining healthy research and academic atmosphere in the lab. For our students that want to get involved in the lab, we called them laboratory assistants. SEMS Fellows responsible for maintaining the lab facilities, website, and book collections. LA can consist of 2nd or 3rd-year students. Final year students who accepted our call for a research proposal in SEMS are called SEMS Research Assistants (RA). SEMS Fellows have the priority of becoming one of our RAs. Research assistants must research our laboratory and regularly discuss with all the researchers.

SEMS Fellows

Natasya Kamil S.

Kamil was born in Salatiga, Central Java, and is currently an Industrial Engineering student at the University of Indonesia, batch 2018.  She is a type of observer person who’s interested in system analyzing.  She enjoys sports, especially tennis and swimming.  She even won a silver medal during the Teknik Cup Competition in 2019. She is active in many student organizations and committees.  She has ever served as a Head Project Officer of PEMIRA FTUI 2019 and as a deputy chairperson of HRD BEM FTUI 2020.  She is experienced in teamwork, leading people, and managing project. She has a strong sense of detail, excellent interpersonal communication, and an understanding of team psychology.  Her friend always sees her as a friendly, happy, and a communicative person.  One of her life motto is “The only source of knowledge is experience” -Albert Einstein, that’s why she always wants to enrich her experiences which align with her goals.

Awards and Honours

  • Best LUP presentation in ShARE UI 2020/21
  • Semifinalist INDISCO 11th Product Design Competition 2019
  • Silver medal  Tennis Teknik Cup 2019
  • 1st winner ICare IEUI 2018

Fariz Abdillah Wiratama

Exploring and learning many things could be described as one of the many personalities of Fariz. Currently an Industrial Engineering student at Universitas Indonesia, batch 2018, Fariz always see the bright side of things and living a positive and happy lifestyle. Few of his interests are product and business development with support from the digitalized era. Many experience formed Fariz to a person who does well in teamwork, capable of being a leader, and having a great interpersonal skill. Aside from academics, he also likes to read novels about philosophical things regarding to human life, like the books from Yuval Noah Harrari. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, he also likes to do many form of sports, few that which he likes are basketball, swimming, and cycling.

Awards and Honours

  • Project Officer of the 20th Annual Industrial and Systems Engineering Competition 2020
  • Best Staff of Human Affairs in 1st Term IMTI 2019
  • Student Exchange to United Kingdom 2018