Arry Rahmawan Destyanto

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Arry Rahmawan obtained his bachelor and master degree from Industrial Engineering Department, Universitas Indonesia. Arry has a strong research background in entrepreneurship, business model design, and innovation using modeling & simulation approach, before joining Universitas Indonesia as a full-time lecturer. Having a great passion for learning and finding how a business can survive and stay competitive in this disruptive era, has brought Arry to be a lecturer at Industrial Engineering Department, Universitas Indonesia and researcher in the Systems Engineering, Modeling, and Simulation (SEMS) Laboratory.

Arry also the initiator and founder of Signifier Games, a research group at SEMS Lab which focusing on development Serious Simulation Games for enhancing the learning experience in business organizations. His research publications can be accessed via Google Scholar or Scopus. You can contact him to arryrahmawan [at] or contact him through his ResearchGate and LinkedIn, especially for research collaboration inquiry in business model design and innovation using modeling and simulation methods or serious simulation games development for business organizations.