Akhmad Hidayatno

Pak Akhmad obtained his undergraduate degree from Industrial Engineering Major, Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Indonesia. He obtains his master degree in business and technology in University of New South Wales (UNSW) Sydney – Australia, which in his views have given him a unique balanced perspective between the engineering world and the business world. His Doctor thesis is about evaluating national biodiesel policy in Indonesia using System Dynamics. Currently he is the head of SEMS Lab.

He has experience in developing process and information system for Health Care Systems, Public services (Web-based Planning and Budgeting system) and Disaster Risk Management. His research interest is in System Engineering and Collaborative Analysis and Learning. You can contact him through [akhmad[at]]


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Armand Omar Moeis

Armand Omar Moeis, ST, M.Sc, holds a master degree from Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands, majoring in Engineering and Policy Analysis. Prior to his graduate study, Armand gained his bachelor degree from Industrial Engineering Department, University of Indonesia. His research interests are System Dynamics and Collaborative Analysis and Learning whereas his main application areas are public services and energy. Beside his position at SEMS, Armand also holds positions in several business entities. It helps him to keep up his pace with business and governmental communities. [armand.moeis[at]] – See more at:


Hariyanto Salim

Hariyanto Salim is the Chair of IPOMS, Indonesian Production and Operations Management Society. As an academic, he is actively giving lectures, trainings and workshops in Modeling and Simulation, Productivity Improvement and Operations Management and Supply
Chain Management. As a professional, he has broad experiences in consulting services for many local and multinational companies. He is specialized in the field of Modeling, Simulation, Supply Chain Management, Systems Development. He holds Master Degree in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, as well as professional certificate CPIM and CSCP from APICS.

Aziiz Sutrisno

Aziiz Sutrisno, ST, MBA M.Phil M.Sc. obtained his undergraduate degree from Industrial Engineering department, University of Indonesia., and will continue his master degree next year (or at immediate time). Currently, his research interests are System Dynamics, Agent Based Simulation and also its implementation in policy analysis. Aziiz obtain his master degree from 3 different institutions as Erasmus Mundus Scholars of Master in System Dynamics. [aziiz.sutrisno[at]]

Irvanu Rahman

Irvanu Rahman graduated from Industrial Engineering Universitas Indonesia. He finished his study in 2012 and joined the SEMS Lab as a research assistant afterwards.  His research interest focuses on system modeling for policy analysis and sustainability assessment, especially in the context of sustainable development and climate change. He also has been involved in national research projects in government and multilateral organizations primarily focus on the use of system dynamics for policy-making. You can contact him through [irvanurahman[at]] or [rahman.irvanu[at]].

Arry Rahmawan

Arry Rahmawan obtained his undergraduate and master degree from Industrial Engineering Department, University of Indonesia. Currently, his research interests are strategic management, service design & engineering, productivity improvement, design thinking, simulation gaming, and system dynamics.

He has experience in developing and delivering various training modules about productiviy improvement for small medium enterprises in Indonesia. One of his publication is Studentpreneur Guidebook, which has been used as entrepreneur development syllabus at several institutions and societies in Indonesia. You can contact him to arry [at]