Geneshoes Business Game SSG

The Geneshoes Business Games (GSG) are simulating the market challenges faced by an imaginary shoes company who would like to expand their market. In GSG, the players act as a manager and also a company owner that produces GeneShoes. GeneShoes is a
revolutionary product that combines the latest technology in sport shoes. As the new owner and manager, have to make a variety
of important decisions that will determine the company’s performance.

The decisions are:
1. Set a price for the GeneShoes
2. Decide how many GeneShoes should be produced.
3. Spend money on marketing efforts.
4. Decide how much money to put into research and development

GSG is a four-teams game that will be played over 12 periods. All teams begin on an equal basis. Each period, each team will receive report that shows how our company and our competitors performed. The winner of GSG is determined by accumulated
profit (retained earnings) from beginning until end of simulation period. The team with most retained earnings at the end of
simulation period is declared the winner.

GSG used the Powersim Systems Dynamics Software as the engine to simulate the decisions and provide outputs. For the basic structure of the game, we used MESE simulation game by Hewlett Packard (HP) Corp. and C3M simulation game by Khaled Nassar from Bradley University as basis to design a new simulation game with system dynamics approach.

During the simulation gaming class, the class students have created a web-based version of the game. You can play it here: