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Financial Modelling Workshop 2012

On march 31st 2012, financial modelling workshop was conducted at SEMS Lab from 10AM-4PM which involved all SEMS lab assistants and 19 paticipants from Industrial Engineering students. The instructors for the workshop are Rakhmat Satriawan and Tyonardo Cahyadi who are also the Researcher Assistant of SEMS Lab.
We had three sections in this workshop: definition and introduction of modeling itself, basic excel, and financial modeling. Each person got one personal computer to practice what instructor taught.
Definition of modeling is really important to tell since we all have to know when we should use financial modeling in real life by giving application example. Financial modeling is a task of building representation (model) of financial decision making situation. Five things we should do before we start building model: learn the required basic skills; understand the business model; define the objective; define the scope of the model; and beware of the deadline.


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SEMS Lab Participate in 1st Workshop on System Modeling for Policy Development

Two of our researchers, Akhmad Hidayatno and Armand Omar, participated in the 1st Workshop on System Modeling for Policy Development, jointly organized by UKP4 (The Presidential Working Unit for Supervision and Management of Development) and ITB’s School of Business and Management. Mr Akhmad Hidayatno was invited after submitting his paper based on his Ph.D thesis on the sustainable development of biodiesel industry though a multi-level system dynamics model.

This 1st workshop’s theme were “Rehearsing Initiatives” which was explain by Dr. Kuntoro Mangkusubroto as head of the UKP4 to rehearse or exercising policies using the system modeling approach as the next important stage for one of UKP4’s roles to support the decision making of the Presidency. There were 40 paper submitted and 9 were selected to be presented in this workshop, from various institutions in Indonesia.

The workshop also opened by the keynote speech from Prof. Iwan Jaya Azis from Cornell University, who is currently on loan at Asian Development Bank (ADB).  His speech talked about the use of modeling in economics and how we should approach and use them.

The workshop was considered a success, and the subsequent workshops will be conducted in the future to gain more insights from the use of systems modeling in policy development.

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Accenture Lecture Series on Technology Begins

SEMS Lab is coordinating the series of lecture from Accenture entitled: Accenture Lecture Series on Technology as part of the Management of Technology Course.

Accenture has graciously allow their consultants to share their experience and knowledge  in the field of ERP Implementation, Knowledge Management, Change Management and New Trends in Technology.

Today Mr. Donny Salaki started the lecture series with ERP Implementation as the main topics, the class generated excitement among the students which makes the class prolonged for almost an hour.

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ITT Telkom Visit SEMS Lab

As part of their visits to IE Department, the students of IT Telkom visited SEMS lab.

Stefan Darmansyah, Head of LAs, Explains the Lab

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SEMShare: Industrial Engineers & Capital Markets

SEMShare topics for this time is about Industrial Engineers and Capital Markets. The knowledge sharing events invited Mr Yanuar Pranuradhi as Head of Business Development at PT Mandiri Sekuritas.

Pak Yanuar started by reflecting on his years in IEUI on how he, as an Industrial Engineers, transformed from working in engineering at Schlumberger to finally arrived working in the capital markets. He then explained how the capital markets works to highlight all the sub-sistems in which how Industrial Engineers could contribute by utilizing the system approach on improving the process.

The session was alive with questions about capital markets, including the last world economic crisis which somehow triggered by the capital markets.

IE and Capital Markets

We would like to thanks pak Yanuar who had taken the time from his busy schedule to share his knowledge with us.

SEMShare is a regular program from SEMS Lab in which we invites experts for open discussion within small groups to expand our horizon of thinking.


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