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New SEMS Lab Assistant Recruitment 2013

We finally recruit new laboratory assistants for SEMS today. From almost more than 30 applicants, we finally narrow down to just 13 for interviews,  continuing with  group interviews and accepted 10 new lab assistant.

The number was based on the capacity for research assistants as lab. They are: Bramka Arga Jafino, Dio Aufa Handoyo, Reinaldo Giovanni, Roja Sonaji, M. Yusuf Mulyana, Hasna Afifah, Kezia Saraswati, Benita Dian P., Ulya Khairani, dan Wildana Ramadhani

We also receiving four new research assistants:  Gede Arya Satya Dharma, Wulan Maulidiah, Aqmayrina dan Intan Elfrieda Chaerunisha.

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Congratulations to New Graduates 2012/2013

This semester four of our Research Assistants have finished their undergraduate requirements to become industrial engineers. Dhanita Fauziah Ulfa, Edelina Melisa, Daisy Nadia Putri and Johnson Marpaung. Congratulations to all of you!

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SEMS Leadership 2012 with U Theory – Part 3

The final leg for the SEMS Leadership Program is back at the Proclamation of Independence Declaration Museum and Taman Suropati Park. The museum has just opened again to public after last year renovation.

The sensing journey started at the place where our leaders from different background, races and education sit together to draft the proclamation text with so many deliberation and thought embedded in the wording of the text. They were brought to the Taman Suropati to sculpture the future of Indonesia. The 2 teams put their dreams and hope in making the sculpture and present the result to each other.


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SEMS Leadership 2012 with U Theory – Part 2

The second stage of the leadership program is to have first hand knowledge on one of the most complex systems in the world: hospital. Therefore we took the students to Admira Hospital, a private hospital, recently established in the east side of Jakarta. The hospital was designed by a dedicated profesional team that wanted to have a new kind of hospital in Indonesia, that is based on international standards. The hospital has no class types difference and only has a single class.

We have an honor to have the founder of the hospital, dr. Achmad Harjadi M.Sc, to talk about his dreams, careers, and why he design the hospital the way Admira now. He also welcomes Industrial Engineering graduates to contribute to the hospital improvement systems, since these concepts are common in the US.

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SEMS Leadership 2012 with U Theory – Part 1

As annual event for all SEMS Lab assistants, we started a leadership programs that aims to instill leadership traits in our lab assistants. The event is parallel with national youth day in Indonesia, at October 28. Based on U-Theory approach, Mrs. Ernie Widianty, as the lead facilitators, will take the assistants through the U Journey. The session started at the SEMS lab with the introduction of the concept.

The last year alumni of the leadership program Stefan, Laisha and Dhanita, who just recently graduated, also helps to facilitate their juniors.

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