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The Annual Beer Game Sims at Systems Modeling Class 2012

With the revised curriculum 2012, we are starting to introduce the beer game simulation for the undergraduate class of systems modeling this year. This was the largest size of beer game participants ever conducted by us so far with nearly 100 participants. We have to use the main hall at the 5th floor of the department building for this simulations with the help of all SEMS Lab assistants. One lab assistants was assigned to mentor one board after the initial instructions briefing. As usual a lot confusions on the start of the game, however with the improved instructions using animated slides and one mentor one board, the process went faster than what we are predicted. As usual also, with the progress of the game, faces of confusions, excitement or shocked rose during the game.


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The Start of New Academic Year with New Curriculum

Starting New Class of System Modeling 2012

This week at Universitas Indonesia, is the start of a new academic year 2012/2013. In the Industrial Engineering Department, this is also the start of new curriculum design that has been discuss for over year. The new curriculum emphasizes on the engineering design side of industrial engineering. This emphasize naturally requires more modeling support from the SEMS lab.

Based on the new curriculum, on the optimization track we have the basic: linear programming class, the core: operations research, the advance: advanced optimization (e-lective). For what-if track, we have discrete event modeling courses: systems modeling and industrial simulation, and in continuous event modeling courses: systems thinking and systems dynamics (e), converging into advanced modeling course (e) which discuss simulation gaming, object-oriented and agent-based modeling.  All the course would have lab practice component embedded in the delivery.

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Simulation Gaming Class Finals

Simulation Gaming Design is a course managed by SEMS Lab to Introduce the concept of serious games design for students. The class attracted not just Industrial Engineering Students, it attracted students from electrical engineering also. As final class project, they must re-created games such as Beer Game, and two games developed by SEMS: the PPIC Game and Geneshoes. These games will be uploaded upto web-based and today they presents their projects in the lab.

You can find the links for their games here:


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Greater Jakarta Commuter Line Modeling Project 2012

This year, as part of the modeling project major assignment of system modeling class, the class decided to raise the topic that are close to their daily activities, the Greater Jakarta Commuter Line. Universitas Indonesia has a dedicated intercity rail station of a train line that spans from Central Jakarta to the Bogor City in the south area , nickname “KA Jabotabek”, KA is an acronym for “Kereta Api” or Trains. It is targeted that in 2014, there will be 1.2 million passengers carried by this line

The model are complex and challenging with so many obstacles since they started building the model 2 months ago. However, they have successfully completed their model, and today they will be presenting their models in the SEMS Lab’s Simulation Gaming Area. Each groups will be presenting a specific problems that they want to solve based on the generic model they vuild, from maintenance scheduling, passenger queue, resource scheduling, train schedule, electrical supply and many other.

Therefore, congratulations to Class of 2009 on they achievement on developing a very complex discrete event model.


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Accenture Lecture Series on Technology Begins

SEMS Lab is coordinating the series of lecture from Accenture entitled: Accenture Lecture Series on Technology as part of the Management of Technology Course.

Accenture has graciously allow their consultants to share their experience and knowledge  in the field of ERP Implementation, Knowledge Management, Change Management and New Trends in Technology.

Today Mr. Donny Salaki started the lecture series with ERP Implementation as the main topics, the class generated excitement among the students which makes the class prolonged for almost an hour.

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