New IEUI Students of 2011 Visit

Welcoming the best Industrial Engineering students in Indonesia to our laboratory!

As part of the orientation program for campus life introduction, new students (batch 2011) of Industrial Engineering visited our lab. First on Monday, August 16th 2011 for Regular and on Friday, 19th August 2011 for Parallel Students. They were received by Mr. Akhmad Hidayatno as our head of lab and Mr. Gersianto as the graduates from our lab after their reception by Prof. Yuri as the head of department and lecturer about orientation of industrial engineering department.

IEUI New Students of 2011 Visited SEMS Lab

The 10-minutes visit was started by explanation and introduction about what Industrial Engineering is and SEMS lab, what kind of activities in lab, demo’s of students work and kind of softwares available in the lab to learn. They also introduced to several essential games of simulation, like Crate Beer Game to learn about system thinking by SEMS lab assistants.

They also visited research room of SEMS lab, where they got explanation about simulation program franchise management and air defense system using SmartBoard Interactive Whiteboard. They explained that the simulation is very important thing for an Industrial Engineer, because it can predict the result without involve ourself directly into the system so we can minimalize chance of system fail when we design and implement the system.


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