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Welcoming New IEUI Students 2012

We are welcoming the new Industrial Engineering Universitas Indonesia (IEUI) students Class of 2012 to our lab. With 120 new students, this would be the biggest class IE would ever have. It shows the growing recognition and acceptance of Industrial Engineers in the public and in the industry. As part of departments of introductory sessions, the new students are shown to the various laboratories in IEUI.

We explain to them how the SEMS lab would help them in their 3 primary tasks of designing, improving and installing a complex system. We also show some of the modeling approaches to them, such as system dynamics, optimization, agent based modeling and discrete event modeling. We also explains to the various game boards that we design or re-created.

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Brief Visit from University’s Board of Professors

To foster research across discipline, a few  members of the Universitas Indonesia’s Board of Professors, is visiting the SEMS Lab. Accompanied by head of IE Departement, Prof. Yuri and the Dean of Faculty of Engineering, Prof. Bambang, our guest was received by Pak Akhmad. Pak Akhma explained about the scope works and researches of the SEMS lab, highlighting that many field of research could now be modeled and simulated using the facilities of SEMS Lab. The presentation also discuss the applications of modeling in city planning, health issues, and management cases.


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ITT Telkom Visit SEMS Lab

As part of their visits to IE Department, the students of IT Telkom visited SEMS lab.

Stefan Darmansyah, Head of LAs, Explains the Lab

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Professor Katayama and Professor Pekka Visit to SEMS

On Friday, july 8th, SEMS Lab had a brief visit from Professor Katayama of Waseda University (Japan). Before giving a public lecture on Operation Management and Kaizen at Multimedia Room of Industrial Engineering Department, Prof Yuri (IE UI head of department) took him on a tour of IE UI laboratory.

Prof Katayama is a Professor in Operation Management and Production System.

Meanwhile, on july 12, another international guest had a visit to our lab. Being accompanied by Bu Ana (IE UI Department Secretary), Professor Pekka from VTT Finland took a brief visit to our lab and share many experience regarding his research interest in urban transportation system, which coincides with our current research focus.

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Brawijaya University Visits to SEMS

As part of their visits to IE Department, the staffs and students of Industrial Engineering Program – Department Brawijaya University, a prominent state university for the city of Malang, East Java, visited SEMS lab.

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