MP3EI Discrete Event Modeling Class Projects for Industrial Simulations

As part of the major class projects, the class of 2010 of the Industrial Simulation Class was tasked to develop a national logistics models based on MP3EI framework. Indonesia’s Masterplan for Acceleration and Expansion of Indonesia’s Economic Development (abbreviated MP3EI) is a long term plan by the Indonesian government to accelerate the realization of becoming a developed country. This will be done through “inclusive, just and simultaneous economic prominent growth”.


The class was divided into the 6 economic corridors of the MP3EI:

  • Sumatra, Center for production and processing of natural resources and the nation’s energy reserves
  • Java, Driver for national industry and service provision
  • Kalimantan, Center for production and processing of national mining and energy reserves
  • Sulawesi, Center for production and processing of national agricultural, plantation, fishery, oil & gas, and mining
  • Bali – Nusa Tenggara, Gateway for tourism and national food support
  • Papua – Moluccas, Center for development of food, fisheries, energy, and national mining

Each group maps each provinces in primary commodities, processing industries, locations, transportation nodes (sea, air and land), growth assumptions and other data. The team went to the Badan Pusat Statistik Indonesia to gather each provincial statistical reports (dubbed Provincial in Numbers).

The MP3EI simulation class project provides a significantly higher level of challenge in modeling. Each team must be ready to develop a model that will be a sub-model in a corridor model, each corridor model must be integrated into the national model. Of course, for a model this complex, simplifications process would be crucial within the strength and weaknesses of a discrete event modeling and based on the purpose of the model.

Bravo for the class of 2010 for the completion for the most ambitious simulation project for a class so far.

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