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Movie Gathering Event

As part of introduction on the scope and area for the New Industrial Engineering Students, SEMS Lab assistant coordinates a movie gathering event (Nonton Bareng – NoBar) in the Undergraduate Student Center  of our laboratory building. The event will play DVDs of a television series “Ultimate Factories” from the National Geographic Channel, which started with the state of the art Ferrari Factory.

The event was opened by Bu Anna, Vice Head of Department and Introduced by Pak Akhmad, Head of SEMS Lab. Bu Anna reminds the students that they need to be able to explain the role of Industrial Engineers to other engineering students in particular, and all students in general. She hoped that by watching this series together, they can catch a glimpse on the complexity of their roles as industrial engineers in the future.

Pak Akhmad also introduce the events by asking the audience to ask themselves “how can I design and built a factory like that”. This question is important to generate curiosity and understanding of how subjects in their curriculum are related. He also reminds the students that even though manufacturing is a key aspect that they must master as Industrial Engineers, they must also master another key aspect as “UI” Industrial Engineers which is the service operations.

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SEMS 2010 Assistant Development Program (SEMS-ADP)

Entering the 2nd stage of the ADP program for enhancing the capability of our Assistant, we focus on developing their interpersonal skills. This session is started this week by introduction of interpersonal skills and intrapersonal skills.

To highlight the importance of developing the ability of reading body language, we all watch the “lie to me” pilot series together. Lie to Me is a TV series that surround team of body language experts. Even-though a little bit exaggerated,  the series is an eye opener for all the student, on how important is to at least have the basic skills of reading body language


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