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Launching OMG and IPOMS Gathering 2013

The Operation Management Game (OMG!) was designed to help managers and leaders learn about various operations management aspects in a simulated production line. OMG is an example of Serious Simulation Games (SSG), which is games of real-world systems designed for the purpose of learning, research, and problem solving. In SSG, participants are immersed in a simulated learning environment that is risk free and challenging. This environment creates an ideal place to test decisions and learn from the feedbacks without costly disruptions of the real systems.

OMG! is one of many SSG products developed at our laboratory: Systems Engineering, Modeling and Simulation (SEMS Lab), Industrial Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia. We currently focus on building SSG that covers problems in supply chain management, industrial management, and technology policy. Some of these products are the kontainer game, financial management game, BIEOND Biodiesel Industry Policy Simulator, Franchise Management Game, Reverse Logistics Simulator and many other SSG. Almost all of our SSGs were developed using various computer simulation technology, as SEMS lab core competency.

During an IPOMS (Indonesian Production and Operations Management Society) Gathering, we launched the OMG by playing the game with all the participant gathering. The game was a success and wait for our book that will be published to explain about the game and how your organizations can easily develop and implement the game itself. SEMS has copyrighted the game and planned to just give the concept and design for the public to use it for free. Read the rest of this entry »

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Prototyping OMG for IPOMS Event on April 17: Getting in the Game

SEMS with Indonesian Production and Operation Management Society IPOMS are collaborating to conducting an event in 17 April 2013 as part of IPOMS Gathering Week. The one day event is named as Getting Into the Games, in which we are explaining about how serious games can help companies to gather and distribute knowledge by increasing their learning effectiveness.

For this event we will be delivering our new Serious Simulation Games, the Operations Management Game OMG.


Now, we are still fine tuning the game, which the manual of the game will be given to the the workshop participants, if they want to apply it in the organization.

SEMS invite you in this event, and you could send email to on how to register. Seats are limited and special discounts available for IPOMS member


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Introduction to SD Workshop 2013

Before we begin the new second semesters of this academic  year, we are conducting a workshop on SD for all lab assistants with limited seats are available for the public. This Introduction of System Dynamics workshops consist of conceptual thinking behind SD, developing stock and flow diagram using Powersim Studio 9 and case study presentation. This routine workshops are important for the skill development of all the lab assistants.

SEMS System Dynamics Introduction Workshop 2013

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Prof Martin Kunc Seminar & Discussion on SD

Professor Martin Kunc from Warwick Business School, The University of Warwick, UK, has spare his time to visit SEMS lab during his time in Indonesia. The visit purpose is sharing knowledge and research opportunities regarding the use of System Dynamics (SD) in Strategy, and open up future collaborations with SD practitioners in Indonesia.

The session starts with a discussion on one of his paper regarding the implementation of system dynamics model on tackling human resource issues in a professional service firms (Kunc, M. Achieving a balanced organizational structure in professional services firms: some lessons from a modeling project. Systems Dynamics Review 24, 2008). The discussion is the followed by a short presentation on possible research directions on System Dynamics based on resource based strategic view.

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Financial Modelling Workshop 2012

On march 31st 2012, financial modelling workshop was conducted at SEMS Lab from 10AM-4PM which involved all SEMS lab assistants and 19 paticipants from Industrial Engineering students. The instructors for the workshop are Rakhmat Satriawan and Tyonardo Cahyadi who are also the Researcher Assistant of SEMS Lab.
We had three sections in this workshop: definition and introduction of modeling itself, basic excel, and financial modeling. Each person got one personal computer to practice what instructor taught.
Definition of modeling is really important to tell since we all have to know when we should use financial modeling in real life by giving application example. Financial modeling is a task of building representation (model) of financial decision making situation. Five things we should do before we start building model: learn the required basic skills; understand the business model; define the objective; define the scope of the model; and beware of the deadline.


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