SEMS Alumni 2011-2015

Ulya Khairani

Uli graduated from SMA N 81 Jakarta. Her favorite subjects are system engineering, system dynamics, organization and psychology industry, quality system, interpersonal skills, and also production planning and inventory control. She likes anything related to art design, such as drawing, sketching, photography, and handicraft. Besides, she loves to join in any public activities that involve many people with different personality and specialization since she has great passion in public relation and communication. She has already joined in student consulting club (SCC) Industrial Engineering University of Indonesia as an external relation manager and has plan to work in multinational consumer goods company as soon as graduate from Industrial Engineering UI.

Grace Anastasia

Grace is an alumni from SCI class of SMAN 78 Jakarta. She likes playing and watching badminton matches in her spare time. Her favorite subjects are Production Planning and Inventory Control, Engineering Economy, and Operation Research. One of motivational phrases for her is do your best even though you’re not the best.




Kezia Saraswati

Kezia is currently a 3rd year industrial engineering student with impeccable academic and organizational records. Her favorite subjects so far are quality improvement, operations research, and design of experiments. She likes to read books, watch movies, and play with her numerous cats on her spare time. She pictures herself as a careerist in a multinational service company in five years. Words that describes her best are responsible and caring.


Benita Dian Purnamasari
 Benita had studied at SMAN 14 Jakarta. Her hobbies is reading books. So far, her favorite subject are Quality Control and Assurance System and Interpersonal Skills. She wants study abroad in the future to get a master degree. Now she prepares about language and she ables to speak French. She is always eager to learn and like working with people and enjoy group projects. For describe her in 3 words, it would be dilligent, studious and focused.


Hasna Afifah

Hasna, graduated from Labschool Jakarta Senior High School through acceleration class. Hasna chooses to study industrial engineering because she’s interested by the field of knowledge that this major offers, especially in system engineering. So far her favorite subject are cost accounting and operation research. After she get her undergraduate degree, Hasna plans on studying abroad taking on business major, this is because she wants to be a consultant which has a vast knowledge not only in engineering but also in economy. In her leisure time, Hasna enjoys photography, travelling, and learning foreign languages. Her motto in life is that efforts never betray.


Wildana Ramadhani

Wildana is graduated from SMA 81 Jakarta in 2011. She is a very open-minded person. She love music, especially classical, art and craft, making batik is one of her hobbies. So far, the subject she loves the most is Operation Research. She joined SEMS Laboratory because of her curiousity in System Engineering. She is planning to be one of BoD in automotive industries.


Eka Nugraha Putra

Eka was graduated from SMAN 5 Bandung. His motto is Things are not right or wrong they’re just different. Reading, travelling and internet browsing are his hobbies. His favorite subjects is IE are Quality Control and Assurance System, Cost Accounting and Operation Research. Three words that describe him are neat, responsive, and charismatic. In the next 10 years, he capture himself as a top management in multinational consumer goods company.





Ferinda Partiningrum Lestari
Erin had studied at SMAN 8 Jakarta. The subject she likes the most is Operation Research. She has a dream to become credit analyst. Her hobbies is dancing, reading, and writing. Her motivation of becoming a research assistant in SEMS-LAB is that she is interested in modelling studies. Therefore, she want to do research about agent-based modelling



Reiner Agastya

 Agas was graduated from SMA 1 Magelang in 2010. So far, his favourite subject is corporate finance. He plans to continue his study abroad after graduate from bachelor degree. He has several hobbies such as playing basketball and watch movies. His motivation to join SEMS Lab is to learn more about system and planning his future research about cash circulation simulation. Agas is completely a sportive and active student.




Intan Elfrieda Chaerunnisa

 Intan was graduated from SMAK 7 Penabur Jakarta in 2010. So far, her favorite subject is Quality Control & Assurance System. She wishes that in the future she could study abroad, majoring in business, work in a multinational company, and build her own business. She likes watching movies a lot. That’s why she chooses to go to the cinema on her spare time or go having a quality time with her family or best friends.


Gersianto B.

Gersi graduated from SMAN 8 Jakarta in 2007. His favourite subjects so far in IE are Quality System, Knowledge Management, and System Thinking. His interest is in Business Information and Knowledge Management System.

Gersi wishes that in the future he could be a business consultant, and at some point, return to his beloved IE UI to play a role as a lecturer. Gersi is a football addict. He likes to watch and analyse football matches. In his spare time, he likes to play guitar .


Chintya Asri



Daril B Y B.



Ajeng Masitha

Ajeng was graduated from SMAN 78 Jakarta in 2008. So far, her favourite subjects in IE are Operation Research and System Thinking because they are the core competence of IE.

Ajeng wants to be a consultant after she finishes her college. She likes to eat good food and drawing in her spare time.


Aninditha Kemala D

Ditha graduated from SMAN 70 Jakarta in 2008.

She likes reading & watching movies, and also traveling. Ice cream & Chocolate are her favorite mood boosters. Moreover, she is interested in things related to people & system thinking.



Dhanita Fauziah

Dhanita was graduated from SMAN 1 Bekasi in 2008.

So far, her favourite subjects are System Thinking, Marketing, and Product Design. She wants to be a consultant after she finishes her study. She likes tutoring and drawing in her spare time.



Irvanu Rahman

Irvanu is one of SEMS Lab research assistants. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering on 2012. Regarding to his own research interest in system analysis, he developed a sustainability urban model to support policy making of climate change mitigation strategies in Jakarta. Currently, Irvanu is working as a Researcher at the SEMS Lab University of Indonesia.



Laisha Tatia

Laisha graduated from SMU Al-Azhar Pusat in 2008. So far, her favourite subjects in IE are System Thinking and Quality System.

In the future, she wishes to be a career woman in a bonafide company and at the same time launching her own fashion, food, and other business brands. In her spare time, she likes to shop and design. She also has a knack in culinary.


Oktioza Pratama

Oza graduated from SMAN 1 Cilegon, thus he came from Cilegon. His favourite subject in IE so far is Operational Research and he also has an interest in Supply Chain Management. He wishes that one day he could work for a bonafide international company.

He is an adept Badminton and Futsal player and likes to play either one of them in his spare time. He also like reading books and exploring about IE.


Ricky Mulyadi

Ricky graduated from SMAN 9 Bandar Lampung in 2008. His favorite subjects are Quality Control and Assurance System, and Corporate Finance.

Ricki likes to play badminton and futsal in his spare time.



Stefan Darmansyah

 Stefan currently holds the coordinator of the assistant lab team. He is a “serious” fellow, however still “occasionally” laugh when it is appropriate and expected too.

Stefan  graduated from SMA BPK Penabur 1 in 2008.



Tyonardo Cahayadi

Tyo graduated from SMA St. Laurensia in 2008. So far, his favorite subject is Quality Control and Assurance System.

He loves to read in his spare time, and he also like to makes fun of things.


Rama Raditya.

He finished his bachelor degree in 2012 UI and his continue his master degree  in 2013 IE UI. His research interest is in simulation gaming, sustainable supply chain and systems dynamics.


Diana Wangsa
.Diana Wangsa or usually called Diana is a 3rd year student of Industrial Engineering, UI. She was graduated from SMAK 3 Penabur in 2009. Her favorite subject so far in IE are Production Planning & Inventory Control and System Modeling.

After finishing her undergraduate study, she is planning to continue at graduate school abroad. By joining SEMS Lab she wants to develop her knowledge, skill, and also character.

Diana is a very kind and also sporty girl, in her spare time she does a lot of sports such as basketball, futsal, etc. She has joined a couple of sport competitions at campus.


Edelina Melisa.

 Edelina graduated from SMA Labschool Kebayoran in 2009. Edelina is very adaptive and she can communicates easily with people. She has a quite high sense of curiosity and it makes her like to try new things. She is creative, smart, and talkative. She also likes to eat, listen to music and sing along with it, and also watch movies.

Edelina wants to work at a multinational company after finishing her college, then get a master degree afterwards. She wants to work and study abroad in the future.


Muhammad Harisuddin

Haris came from SMAN 8 Jakarta. His favourite subjects are Product Design, System Modelling, Supply Chain Management. Three words that describe himself are peace, positive, and optimist.

In the next 10 years ahead, he picture himself as one of Board of Directors of a multinational consumer goods company.


Daisy Nadia.

Most people call her Eci. Eci is currently in her 3rd year as an Industrial Engineering Student of UI. She graduated from SMA Negeri 81 Jakarta class of 2009. So far, her favourite subject is Industrial Strategic Management and System Thinking. The one and only of her hobby is traveling. However, she wants to conduct her own business in the future. Eci is a sociable, adaptive, and easily changes strangers into acquaintances. If she describes herself in one word, it would be “determined”.


Christian Susanto

Christian graduated from SMA Kristen Yusuf Jakarta on 2009. The most favorite thing in SEMS Lab for him is its comfortable atmospher to learn. So far, the subjects he loves the most are Quality Improvement and Assurance System, Engineering Economy, and System Modelling. He loves playing game, reading, eating, and master softwares.


Yulius Putra

 Yulius came from Medan, he was goint to SMA Sutomo 1 Medan. He really likes playing badminton and reading. His favorite author is Donald Trump. His favorite subject on IE is Quality Control and Assurance System (QCAS), Design and Analysis of Experiments, and Operation Research