SEMS Lab Assistants

Batch of 2013

Aditya Nursyamsi. He is a student of Industrial Engineering Universitas Indonesia batch 2013. He was graduated from 2 Senior High School Bekasi. He is famously funny and so great to be around with, which show his awesome social skills. He is also a kind-hearted, caring, smart, and diligent. People can see that he is a natural born leader, who as a leader can really listen to his group member/team mates. He can be both a firm and a nurturing leader. These all lead to his activity around Engineering faculty. He is a real active student in both inside and outside the department. Watching television series is one of his most favorite thing to do, where, eating comes second. He really loves to watch American TV series. Besides those hobbies, there are some Industrial Engineering subjects that he also loves learning. Economy, interpersonal skill, quality improvement, and design of experiment are his most favorites. Living in New York, and becoming one of apple’s or google’s board of his wild dreams. Because, when it’s not wild enough, it’s not good enough, right?

Theresa Devina. Tessa is currently in her 2nd year as Industrial Engineering Student in Universitas Indonesia. She graduated from Gonzaga College Jakarta. Her hobbies are watching movies and hang out with friends. She has a dream to be an Executif Board of one of best oil and gas company in Indonesia. His favorite subjects are Introduction to Economic and Quality System. Her favorite motto is “I can accept failure, but i can’t accept not to try” by Michael Jordan . She is an adaptive girl, delicated and responsible.


Sonny is currently a 2nd year student of University of Indonesia, majoring Industrial Engineering. Before, he was graduated from one of the best school in Palembang, SMA Xaverius 1. Sonny likes reading, singing, and hanging out with his friends. He is really good at academics, especially Operation Research, Statistic, and Quality System yet he is so humble while sharing his knowledge to his friends and giving good impact to his surroundings. His skill in managing projects makes his friends often trust him as a leader in team projects. Three words that can describe him are passionate, diligent, and reliable.


Vincencia Sydneyta. Sydney is currently the second year student at Industrial Engineering University of Indonesia.  She has graduated from SMAK Penabur Harapan Indah Bekasi with high passion of public speaking. Her hobbies are reading and listening to music. In Industrial Engineering University of Indonesia she has several favorite subjects, which are Interpersonal Skills, Statistics, and Production Planning and Inventory Control. In the University, she believes that the balance between academics and organization will deliver you to be better. As the result in 2015, beside the extraordinary academic record she also served as Vice Head of Association of Catholic Student in Faculty of Engineering.  Three words that can describe her is Friendly, Emphatic, and Care.

Vicky Larasvasti Respati. Vicky is currently in her 2nd year as Industrial Engineering Student in Universitas Indonesia. She graduate from 70 Senior High School Jakarta. Her hobbies are swimming, diving and photography. She has a dream to going to Switzerland and be a top manager of Google. Her favorite subjects are statistic and probability, Linear Agebra, and Quality System . Her favorite motto is “I born to be something and smile wherever you are”. She is a perfectionist, cheerful and humble.



Adinda Amalia Istiqomah. Dinda is a student batch 2013 and curently in her fourth semester in Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Indonesia. She graduated from 71 Jakarta Senior High School. She likes to reading books, watching movies and also travelling. Her favourite subject are Production Planning and Inventory Control, Cost Accounting, Engineering Economy and also Quality System. Her dreams after graduated are being a consultant or business woman who has her own bussiness. Her favourite quote is “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” by Benjamin Franklin, so she always prepare everythings in her daily activities. Dinda is a tactical thinker, optimist and challenging, so she want to be an influencing woman leader in Indonesia one day.

Dyasrenny Tiara Putri. Tiara is  a 2nd year student of Indutrial Engineering of Universitas Indonesia, graduated from SMA 68 Jakarta. She love to take protographs and go out for culinary in any different places. She wants to continue her life working on a multinational company. She has dreams to have her own restaurant with her parents. As a 4th semester as Industrial Engineering student, she has interest to Engineering Economy and PPIC. She has a good skill on digital design and have a good taste on art. When she is described to words she is a calm, idealist, and respectful.


Annissa Tayara Callista. Yara is a sophomore in Industrial Engineering UI. She is a former Global Mandiri student, and she was the top rank at it. She got in to SEMS lab becasuse she loves to learn things about system and she really want to make a better system in life.  She is a Movie Addict, so when you confuse about what to watch or whether a movie is good or not, you go ask her. Tayara is also active in many organizational and community involving art, especially in movie community. She is smart, not only academically, but also smart in giving rational advice about everything. She is a dog person, she has 2 dogs; Maple and Milo. She likes to cook and traveling, yet she is neither fat nor tanned. Her long life dreams are to build a charity foundation on her name and a dog shelter. She is very clever and efficient, she has a thought that “Why bother do more when you can do less for the same accomplishments?”

Anggit Prakoso. Graduated from 81 Senior High School Jakarta, Anggit is now continuing his studies as an Industrial Engineering student batch 2013 at the University of Indonesia. He finds a great pleasure in learning new things, and that makes him a person who looks always enthusiastic in doing anything. He is also pleased with the martial art muay thai.  As an industrial engineering student, his favorite subjects so far are Operation Research, Design of Experiment, and Quality System. Anggit is active on various committees and organizations. He was a former staff of RnD division in IMTI FTUI 2014 and currently as expert staff of RnD division in IMTI FTUI 2015. His great analytical skill and composure in thinking gives him a large space in his journey achieving the dream become a world-class service consultant. In words, the descriptions of which deserve to anggit are funny, optimistic, and visionary.


Nadhila Taufiqa






Randa Adi Saputra. is Currently occupied as chief of Industrial Engineering batch 2013. Graduating from SMAN 1 Jambi. Passionate of being a chess and badminton payer. Big fan of movies. Active participants of various seminars. Randa’s big dream is to be world class management consultant. His favourite subject is DoE, OR, PPIC, and quality system. Currently he is also active as head of RnD Division IMTI FTUI 2015. To his friend, Randa is a funny, humble and smart person.



.Wilona Tigita.





Batch of 2014

Rangga Mahesa PutraRanRanggagga is an industrial engineering student at University of Indonesia, batch of 2014. He was born and raised in Pontianak, West Kalimantan and graduated from SMA Negeri 1 Pontianak. He has a high interest in music, so apart of his academic life, he is also an activist in PSM UI Paragita. He expects a limitless development through discussions and researches in SEMS Laboratory, fulfilling his curiosity in system thinking and modelling. His favorite subjects are Cost Accounting, Engineering Economy, Operation Research, and Human Factors. His motto is “be better or be different”. He is looking forward to be a successful entrepreneur, owning his own brand but also has a good career in music.



Girindra Chaska Wardana Nimpuno. He is a graduate of SMA Negeri 8 Jakarta and is now studying Industrial Engineering at Universitas Indonesia. He is active in the UI Model United Nations Club, and has participated or chaired in several national conferences. Chaska is a huge basketball, baseball, and football fan, which is why he chose to work part time at In his spare time, he enjoys watching movies or grabbing coffee with his friends. He thrives to run his own media network with his friends one day to share all they can with the world. The words he lives by are “Hard work beats talent, when talent fails to work hard.” -Kevin Durant. He has no idea why those words were put in this bio anyway, but he thought it just looks cool.


FennyFenny Desriani. Fenny is an Industrial Engineering student at University of Indonesia from batch 2014. She was graduated from SMAN 2 Bengkulu. As an Industrial Engineering student, her favorite subjects so far are operation research, cost accounting, and PPIC. Her hobby is travelling and she loves salty and spicy foods. She is interested in the social, economic, and cultural issue. She has many experiences in organizations. Currently, she is active as member of MPM FTUI 2016. Her friend said she is a wise and unstoppable person. For the future, she plan to build her own company.

WiwantoWiwanto. Most people call him only Wi or Wiw. He graduated from SMAS Methodist-3 Medan in 2014. He is currently in his 2nd year as an Industrial Engineering in UI. So far his favorite subject is Operation Research and Physics. He is also interested in learning about System Thinking, Business Management, and Quality System. His hobbies are sports like indoor soccer, basketball, table tennis, and swimming. He also likes to play e-sports game. He has dreams to become true, they are become CEO in multinational company and lives in U.S. or U.K. People known him as calm and confident person in his daily life.


Agata Ayu Gita. Usually called Gita, an Industrial Engineering student University of Indonesia batch 2014. She graduated from Abdi Siswa Senior High School Jakarta. She is studious that also a quite quick-learner whenever finds out something challenging and new. She is known as a high-achiever in both academic and extracurricular activity. For her, academic achievement is a must as her responsibility for her parents – therefore she sets the target high even in Olympiad competition. She’s confident, sociable, and communicative that she won Jakarta English Speech and was finalist at Abang None Buku. She is artsy and loves singing, acting, also drawing. She passionately contributes in many theatrical and music performance, recently Wayang Orang and Karawitan Jawa. She likes to learn about Operation Research, Engineering Economic, and Statistic & Probability. She is currently human resources manager in Student Consulting Club. Besides, she dedicated herself in several social and religion activities.

ReginaRegina Dhamayanti. Regina is an undergraduate UI student batch 2014 majoring in Industrial Engineering. She is an alumna of SMAN 1 Kota Tangerang. So far, Engineering Economics and Production Planning & Inventory Control have been the most attractive courses of her. Despite the engineering major she takes, Regina is highly interested in human rights issue, justice, and economics as well. She is currently one of the active member of English Debating Society UI (EDS UI). Being a consultant is one of her big goals, and in her journey to that, she becomes a member of Student Consulting Club UI (SCC UI). Regina can be considered as an open-minded, responsible, and cheerful person.