SEMShare : Operational Excellence

The SEMS Knowledge Sharing Program (SEMShare) continues with more topics regarding the industrial engineering world. This week,  one of our alumni, Mr. Ricky Tjok, gave a lecture regarding Operational Excellence in Organization. Slightly different from the last event, this time, students who are taking the QCAS class are mandatory to attend this discussion.

Mr. Ricky Tjok graduated from IE UI in 2008, and has been working for Accenture ever since. He has done some consulting project and now ready to pass on his experience to the younger generation of IE UI Student. The discussion start with a brief explanation of Accenture and what the company does. Then, Mr. Ricky continued by explaining the definition of  Operational Exellence. Because most of the attendants are from the QCAS class, Mr. Ricky then tried to link the term “Operational Excellence” to many quality improvement methods such as Six Sigma.

The Q&A session was alive with some question from the student regarding the topic, but the focus was on the Six Sigma project since they are currently conducting that kind of project for their Final Assignment in the QCAS class.

SEMShare is a regular program from SEMS Lab in which we invites experts for open discussion within small groups to expand our horizon of thinking.

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